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  • How to negotiate for a new job

    Last week we talked about negotiating at your existing job. This week I’m going to cover how to bring up the salary convo when you’re interviewing for a new job. This one may feel a lot easier, but many people avoid it for fear losing the opportunity altogether.

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  • How to negotiate in your current job

    How to negotiate in your current job While negotiation is a tough subject all around, I’ve found most people have a harder time negotiating in their existing jobs than they do for a new job. It makes sense. If someone you haven’t even worked with ends up saying no, then oh well. No harm, no foul, […]

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  • How paid family leave can help close the wage gap [aka Joe Manchin can 🖕 off]

    I’m not going to lie. I have a full list of topics I want to cover in this newsletter, but something’s been bugging me A LOT this week. A tech bro, who shall not be linked here because I don’t think he deserves any more attention, tweeted last week:Great for fathers to spend time w […]

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  • Everything’s negotiable: What to do when negotiations stall

    Everything’s negotiable: What to do when negotiations stall A few weeks ago I did an AMA with SuperPath, a Slack community for content marketers. I got a bunch of great questions (check out my video answers here). But one that stuck out to me was a question I happen to get fairly often: Sometimes more […]

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